Bad Advice was the first Spotlight Show from pH Productions.
Envisioned by Jeff Ford as a 4 person show in which an entire world is created, expolred and resolved in one hour's time, over 3 acts and only tap out edits may be used to push the story forward.

In Act One, we meet our initial sets of characters, and these characters all know each other and we see how they all co-exist. The the first break comes, where characters from Act One step forward and give the audience "bad advice" from their characters point of view. In Act Two we meet an entirely new set of characters and their world, and toward the end of Act Two we start to see some of the characters from Act One seeping into the world of Act Two. Another break with more "bad advice" from more characters, and then Act Three. Act Three ties all the characters together, no new characters are created and the entire show ends with the first two characters that started the show.

Bad Advice has enjoyed four runs with pH Productions, the first two starring: Jeff Ford, Jason Geis, Jinx Holesha and Tony Janning and the third starring: Jeff Ford, Jason Geis, Tony Janning and Tristan Tanner. The fourth run included the current lineup of: Jeff Ford, Jason Geis, Barry Hite and Tristan Tanner. Jeff Ford directs.

If you would like to book Bad Advice please contact Jeff.


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