The Death Show with Death was the brainchild of cast member Brad Norman. Brad envisioned a late night talk/variety show hosted by Death himself and that Death would be different incarnations each show, because Death never appears the same way to everyone.

Thus, The Death Show with Death was born. Every night a different Death (the audience was told that their collective thinking is what caused Death to look the way he did that night) would helm the show. We would get audience members to fill out slips of paper with information about people in their lives, and then Death's man-servant would bring out the names in a lottery ball. Death would select one name from the ball and that person would be the person who Death would kill that night, and the newly deceased would then be a guest on Death's late night talk show. We would then see "clips" of the newly deceased's life and the studio audience would decide if the person would go to...well, upstairs or downstairs. Some hilarious Death characters included a kindly old train conductor, a mulletted redneck, a mexican wrestler and a 12 year old girl that had to be seen to be believed.

The Death Show with Death was created and directed by Brad Norman and featured: Christian Carranza, Jeff Ford, Jason Geis, Brad Norman, Steve Pasieka, Micah Philbrook, Tristan Tanner and Laurianne Olbrisch.


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