Well pH had their all woman show, and now it was time for something a little different. Director Robyn Scott had run Picture This at the Second City Donny's Skybox with success and wanted to bring it to pH with a twist...an all male cast.

Each week we would visit a new photographer's studio and take a peek in on their appointments for the day. And the photographer's appointments were always hilarious character sketches portrayed by the men of pH and ocassional guest star Robyn Scott herself! Characters ranged from Tim Soszko playing an overwrought mother to her two gigantic babies (Tony and Kieran), 3 giant bunny rabbits getting photographed (Kevin, Brad and Tim Baltz), a Christian folk Mom and Daughter Duo that could make Christian songs out of any pop song (Brad and Jason) and so much more. The results were always hilarious and the guys dressed in drag were a sight to behold.

Picture This! was created and directed by Robyn Scott and featured: Tim Baltz, Jeff Ford, Jason Geis, Brad Norman, Steve Pasieka, Kevin Sciretta, Robyn Scott, Tim Soszko, Kieran Sullivan and Tony Janning.


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