Previous Productions
Launched in 2003, pH Spotlight was created to give cast members alternate outlets of performance. Since the original Spotlight Series show, Bad Advice there have been 10 productions to date and 2 very successful sketch shows for Chicago Sketchfest. Every show is a unique experience directed by some of the finest members of pH. Click on the logos to the left, or use the links below to learn more about the great shows pH has done, and will continue to do throughout the years.

Bad Advice directed by Jeff Ford

What's Your Problem Owl? directed by Micah Philbrook

Women On Top directed by Jason Geis

Dollprov directed by Jason Geis

Adventure Programme directed by Tony Janning

The Death Show with Death directed by Brad Norman

Picture This! directed by Robyn Scott

Salty directed by Kevin Sciretta

Women On Top 2: Back On Top directed by Jason Geis and Guy Wicke

The pH Holiday Show directed by Kristine Kitts

Sick/Personal Day directed by Marty Gangler

Pop Culture Drive-thru directed by Tracy Meyer

ShupHle directed by Ali Weiss

Droppin' $cience presents pHun Town directed by Micah Philbrook & Matt Mages

The Apocryphal Wonder Years directed by Aaron Ellsworth

Jerkology directed by Jeff Ford

Sex, Cubs & Rock n' Roll directed by Marty Gangler

The Guy Show directed by Matt Mages


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