It had been a long time since pH's last official sketch show run (What's Your Problem Owl?) and we decided the time was right for another go at it. Writer/Director Marty Gangler had a vision of an all-office related sketch show.

Marty took his 9-5 experiences and crafted a hilarious sketch show that spoofed annoying bosses,
insurance meetings and office ninjas...yes office ninjas.

Sick/Personal Day enjoyed two runs with pH, one during the primetime run. S/P Day was also featured at Second City's Donny's Skybox for a feature run. This past January (2007), Sick/Personal Day was honored to be an official selection to the Chicago Sketchfest 2007, capping off a wonderful year-long run of this show.

Directed/Written by: Marty Gangler
Featuring: Aaron "Mr. Roper" Ellsworth, Jeff Ford, Marty Gangler, Jason Geis, Molly Hall and Tristan Tanner.



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