What do you get when you mix 8 very different women with personal stories and fast-paced improv? A hit.

Women On Top was pH's third Spotlight show and featured the women of pH. pH has prided itself on its strong female players and this show was a way to showcase their talents as well as break down the hypocrisy in most all woman improv shows. A lot of all woman improv shows are very girly or focus on man bashing or women doing very stereotypical scenes. This show showed that women can do anything they want on stage.

The show started with a hilarious send up of modern dance and Calvin Klein models, then each woman got to ask the audience one question about anything at all, the women would take the answers to these questions and craft personal monologues out of them, and one at a time each woman would come out and join the monologue and add their own personal experiences, after everyone had come out the group would explode into fast paced scenes based on the previous discussion. The show was very real, honest and hilarious and ran for almost 4 months, including a run at Second City's Donny's Skybox and 2 shows in NYC.

Women On Top also received HIGHLY RECOMMENDED status from the Chicago Reader making that two pH shows that were highly recommended and solidifying pH's place in the comedy community.

The original cast of Women On Top was: Pamay Bassey, Jen Burns, Molly Hall, Kristine Kitts, Christina Piazza, Robyn Scott, Tristan Tanner, Laurianne Olbrisch and Jinx Holesha. Directed by Jason Geis


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