Women On Top was such a big hit we decided to do it again with a new twist. We added more women to the show and added a whole new twist to the show...guest stars.

Just like in the previous Women On Top, the women still asked the audience questions, still had conversations and still did improv based on the conversations, but this time we added special guests, many of whom had never stepped on a stage before. We wanted to see what would happen when we added guests to the mix and see how their life experiences would compare to our casts. The results were hilarious. Non-performers truly came out of their shells and even joined in on the improv sometimes because they felt so confident. It was a truly fun improv experiment.

Women On Top 2 was directed by Jason Geis and assistant directed by Guy Wicke and featured: Christina Anthony, Pamay Bassey, Alex Fox, Molly Hall, Kristine Kitts, Monique Madrid, Tracy Meyer, Christina Piazza, Robyn Scott, Tristan Tanner and Rebecca Krasny. We were also lucky to have the following special guests: Dionna Griffin, Sandee Kastrul, Jasmin Jahal, Carol Scott, Ali Phillips
and Charna Halpern.


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