What's Your Problem Owl? was our second Spotlight show and the first try at sketch. WYPO (as we called it) was a crowd success and one of our more popular shows, but not quite a critical darling. The Reader told us we weren't ready for sketch, but Chicago Sketchfest disagreed giving us 2 slots in the Chicago Sketchfest 2004. WYPO was rehearsed for over a year and went through several cast changes before it finally hit the stage...in fact it was supposed to be our first Spotlight show, but because of personnel changes it had to keep moving back. It truly embodied the entire experimental process that Spotlight was supposed to be and ended up being a show that was close to everyone's hearts.

WYPO had some memorable moments from the matching blue painters outfits that the entire cast wore to Kevin Sciretta navigating several frustrating drive thrus, to a vegan dance show...Soy Train! Don't ask about the name of the show...we won't tell you.

WYPO was directed by Micah Philbrook and was written by and starred: Jen Burns, Ryan Chamberlain, Jason Geis, Molly Hall, Steve Pasieka, Mr. Pippen, Kevin Sciretta, Guy Wicke, Tony Janning and Geoff Grimwood.


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